The next big step – a “hairy” moment

Great news, we have just heard from the Tavistock Clinic in London that they are offering an outreach appointment at Llandough Hospital in Cardiff.  We are booked for Monday 11th April 2016.  It’s an hour with two of their psychiatrists and, from what I can gather, it will be more history-taking and general assessment.  It will be great to see the experts and really start to plan the many stages which L has to take to fully be seen as J.

Spurred on by this news, we have booked in for hair extensions.  After much searching we found a brilliant lady close to home and the deposit has been paid.  However, due to the New Year celebrations the hair, which is coming from Russia, has been held up somewhere in China!

L has also now had their second ear pierced and I am impressed by what a difference it makes – having a pair of matching earrings seems to add a degree of femininity.  Added to that, they now need glasses which is hardly surprising as I am incredibly short-sighted.  We looked at all frames but kept drifting over to the “women’s” range – the lady in Specsavers commented that most of their frames are “fairly unisex” – I’m not sure whether she wanted to say “the male frames are over there” – bless her!  Having glasses which emphasise L’s eyebrow shape and cheekbones has done wonders.