On the cusp – tears and anticipation

L has had a bit of an emotional week which culminated in floods of tears.  Being transgender means that L hates they way their body looks.  However, neither of us realised that slowly but surely they are thinking of themselves more and more as J (their true, female self) and that this gulf between their perceived self and their outward physical self was causing additional stress when looking in the mirror.

I think there has been a lot of focus on J (rather than L) recently – we have been shopping for make-up, feminine underwear and shoes as well as talking about future events that J will be going to.  So things came to a head with tears but we have realised that sometimes you need to tears to wash away the worries.

Next week L will be getting the long-awaited hair extensions and the following week we will be off to our appointment with the Gender Identity Clinic.  With the make-up, hair, and new shoes, they will be returning to school after the Easter break looking quite different – they will be returning to school looking like J – and that can only be a good thing.